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My Story

No arms above the elbows and no femurs or knees.

This is how I was born, in the nineteen eighties, in Montreal, Canada.

I was born from a couple who, after only seeing what was missing from my body, put me up for adoption. I was promptly moved to a nursery, then out of the province. I had undergone many surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy all by the age of two. But this was just the beginning. The beginning of a journey into a world that was seemingly against me.

Then one day, there’s a shift. My life was changing in a monumental way: I was getting adopted. And not just adopted by anyone. I was adopted by the most amazing two people I could’ve ever asked for, and joined a large and growing family. Raised with the knowledge that I could achieve anything,

that I was indeed the director of my own destiny. And with that, I pushed forward. Every moment an experience, every experience an opportunity to learn and be inspired.

As my journey shifts, I see that it is now me changing people’s lives, inspiring others in the same way that I was inspired so many years ago. I am doing what I was put on this earth to do and I realize that maybe the world has in fact, always been with me.

Of the ten people I find most inspirational in the world Talli Osborne is one of them.

Founder of Virgin Group @Richard Branson

Presentations to Inspire and Build Trust,
Empathy & Empowerment

Positive Thinking

Feel inspired, get motivated, be the best person you can be and learn to love yourself & dream big!


Mental Wellness

Develop confidence and the ability to stand up for yourselves, while self-discovering in university and college.


Differences are Beautiful

Embrace what makes you different and unique. We are all different and that’s what makes the world beautiful!


Talli’s Life Story

An impactful story of how Talli has overcome adversity & struggle, while growing up in a family unlike any other.



Learn to overcome challenges, be resilient and live with the mindset that if you truly want something, you can achieve it!


Bullying & Cyberbullying

Learn to educate those around you to stand up for those being bullied. Together, we can put a stop to bullying!


Team Building

Increasing trust, improving communication & collaboration to maintain motivation with purpose.



In a world of accessibility barriers; Talli shares experiences with accessibility and technology.


Empathizing with Clients

Putting yourselves in your client’s shoes is a new way of thinking about your clients without judgement.


Unlock the Power of your Team

Learn insights to unlock the hidden genius of your employees and increase their intelligence and capacities to grow.


Without apology

Talli Osborne

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