MICHELE PARRATT - Regional ASD Program, Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

I had the opportunity to meet Talli and her family when she was 7.  At 7, she was always smiling and a persona that was beyond her age.  Down the road, her personality has far exceeded her stature.  She has by far outgrown her prosthetics – She is living large.  She is confidant, funny, beautiful and very comfortable in her own skin.  She has walked more steps than most on her own legs and experienced many unique opportunities.  She was raised in a family that pushed everyone to strive for their personal best and Talli has certainly done that!

Her message is simple.  Don’t let life knock you down.  Be kind.  Stand up to those who aren’t.  Support those who are being bullied.  Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and believe in yourself.  The journey is not always easy but is worth the effort.  She is truly inspirational!

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