LAURA ROBERTSON - Chairperson, Christian Family Life

When Talli arrived at the church I had the pleasure of welcoming her into the church and introducing her to members of the CWL and many others who attended. It was easy to see early on how very friendly and approachable she is and how she loves to meet new people. As she began her presentation, the audience quickly became riveted to her every word and even children sat quietly in awe of her.  She spoke of her experience of growing up in a large, loving, adoptive family of 19 children, where many of those children also had physical disabilities, but were all expected to help with daily chores. She also explained how she learned to live independently for many years, even mastering such tasks as putting socks on and washing dishes with her feet!  We marveled at her patience and persistence in mastering these tasks, but nothing compares to the patience she has had with people over the years.  In her school years she was bullied constantly and in her adult years has also had to endure rude remarks from strangers, even to the point of derogatory comments being posted about her on the internet.  She is a strong advocate against bullying and it is easy to see why this has become her passion.  She may be small in physical stature, but she is such a positive and inspiring individual, and she has such a big heart.

The evening seemed to go by so very quickly, but what an amazing experience it was to hear her speak and have the honor of her company.  We all thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and sincerely hope to welcome her back again one day.  Thank you Talli for your presentation.  It was such a memorable evening for all of us and we wish you all the best!

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