KIMBERLY GALE - Reporter, CBC News

When it comes to Talli Osborne every step is a move forward. She is full-steam-ahead; there is never a “no,” “can’t,” or “won’t.”

Talli is an extremely positive, and laugh-out-loud funny woman. She’s clever, quick-witted and wise. In the 13 years I’ve known her, I’ve watched her command the room on-stage at concerts and at social gatherings, travel the world, and win awards in her workplace.

She is diverse in her talents and her hobbies, whether she’s rocking out at a punk show, writing a speech to deliver to impressionable young women, or planning a dinner party, she embraces each new challenge as an adventure.

Filled with energy, passion, and compassion, Talli is the woman I want at my dinner table, the one I want to watch and listen to on stage, and a person I am immensely proud to call my friend.

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