KERRY WADE - Owner/Creative Director, Blackbird Studios

I'd seen Talli at shows and maybe a party and definitely at an Art Crawl when Blackbird was still up at Sonic Unyon. Her man, Pat brought her in and she tried on some things and gushed about the clothes, but as per at Art Crawls, things get crazy and you can never really give one person your full attention.
I remember thinking, “now there's a girl with a story”.
Finally one day when we first opened the shop, she popped by alone, and I was alone, and I don't think we shut up for the entire hour or so she was there. Instant connection. I was fascinated, mesmerized, charmed and in awe of this crazy little superhero on a hot pink scooter. What a woman! What a story!
And man, can she tell it! We were beyond thrilled to have her as guest speaker at the Supercrawl 2014 Fashion Zone tent, as part of our“What Is Beauty” project. She is completely inspiring, warm and honest, beautiful, confident and smart, and I can't wait to see what she does next.

vision Opening the eyes, minds and hearts of everyone that I meet. Inspiring, one person at a time.