KERI-ANNE DO - Teacher, Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

She is a captivating speaker that really knows how to draw in her audience. Talli's outgoing, kind and vivacious personality was clearly evident as soon as she began to speak to our students. She spoke frankly and honestly with the students about her past and experiences - both positive and negative ones - and how she used each opportunity to learn something from them. She left students with the idea to challenge themselves and to cherish the opportunities and people around them. Being open with students made them feel comfortable enough for them to want to share their own experiences with her and the rest of the student body!

Because she was able to share some of her life story with us, students will always remember the wisdom that she shared and what it means to live with passion and purpose each day.

Thank you, Talli and we hope to have you back to speak to students at Graydon again in the near future!

vision Opening the eyes, minds and hearts of everyone that I meet. Inspiring, one person at a time.