CARINA COOKE - Manager - Out Of The Cold, Toronto

We were fortunate to be one of the first agencies to hire Talli Osborne as an inspirational speaker in 2013.

As Manager of Out of the Cold, Toronto I work with people every day who are dedicated to helping others and inspirational in their own right, so I really needed to up the beat and find someone who was able to not only motivate and inspire but connect with staff and volunteers alike. Talli was a sure thing. With her compassionate fun loving attitude and her ability to fill a room with positive energy, she may be small but this girl can pack a punch. Talli has left a lasting impression on each and every person who was fortunate enough to be in that room, especially me who can now call her my friend.

In our daily life we often forget to open our eyes and simply appreciate the positive things.

Talli's eyes are always open.


vision Opening the eyes, minds and hearts of everyone that I meet. Inspiring, one person at a time.